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  • Front and side radiator protection
  • Made from high-grade aluminum
  • Mount to frame, not radiator
  • Improved airflow design means overheating is not a problem
  • Ultimate lightweight protection
KTMEXC 5305302008ALL   
KTMEXC 2502502008EUROPE37 KW(50 PS)  
KTMEXC 2502502009EUROPE37 KW(50 PS)  
KTMEXC 2502502010EUROPE   
KTMEXC 2502502011EUROPE   
KTMEXC 2502502012EUROPE   
KTMEXC 2502502013EUROPE   
KTMEXC 2502502014EUROPE   
KTMEXC 250 Sixdays2502010EUROPE37 KW(50 PS)  
KTMEXC 250 Sixdays2502011EUROPE   
KTMEXC 250 Sixdays2502012EUROPE   
KTMEXC 250 Sixdays2502013EUROPE   
KTMEXC 250 Sixdays2502014EUROPE   
KTMEXC-R 4504492008ALL
KTMSX-F 2502502008ALL29 KW(39 PS)  
KTMSX-F 4504502008AMERICA   
KTMSX-F 2502502009ALL29 KW(39 PS)  
KTMSX-F 4504502009AMERICA   
KTMSX-F 2502502010ALL29 KW(39 PS)  
KTMSX-F 4504502010AMERICA   
KTMSX-F 2502502011ALL29 KW(39 PS)  
KTMSX-F 3503502011ALL   
KTMSX-F 4504502011ALL   
KTMSX-F 2502502012ALL29 KW(39 PS)  
KTMSX-F 3503502012ALL   
KTMSX-F 4504502012ALL   
KTMSX-F 2502502013ALL32 KW(44 PS)  
KTMSX-F 3503502013ALL   
KTMSX-F 4504502013AMERICA   
KTMSX-F 4504502013EUROPE   
KTMSX-F 2502502014ALL32 KW(44 PS)  
KTMSX-F 3503502014ALL   
KTMSX-F 2502502015ALL32 KW(44 PS)  
KTMSX-F 3503502015ALL   
KTMSX-F 450 Factory Edition4502012AMERICA   
KTMSX-F 450 Factory Edition4502013AMERICA   
KTMSX-F 250 Factory Edition2502015AMERICA32 KW(44 PS)
KTMXC-W 4504502008AMERICA   
KTMXC-W 2502502008AMERICA   
KTMXC-W 3003002008AMERICA   
KTMXC-W 2002002009AMERICA   
KTMXC-W 4504502009AMERICA   
KTMXC-W 2502502009AMERICA   
KTMXC-W 3003002009AMERICA   
KTMXC-W 4004002009AMERICA   
KTMXC-W 2002002010AMERICA   
KTMXC-W 4504502010AMERICA   
KTMXC-W 2502502010AMERICA   
KTMXC-W 3003002010AMERICA   
KTMXC-W 4004002010AMERICA   
KTMXC-W 2002002011AMERICA   
KTMXC-W 2502502011AMERICA   
KTMXC-W 3003002011AMERICA   
KTMXC-W 2502502012AMERICA   
KTMXC-W 3003002012AMERICA   
KTMXC-W 2502502013AMERICA   
KTMXC-W 3003002013AMERICA   
KTMXC-W 3003002014AMERICA   
KTMXC-W 2502502014AMERICA   
KTMXC-W 2502502015AMERICA   
KTMXC-W 450 Champions Edition4502010AMERICA   
KTMXC-W 450 Sixdays4502010AMERICA   
KTMXCF-W 2502502008AMERICA   
KTMXCF-W 2502502009AMERICA   
KTMXCF-W 2502502010AMERICA   
KTMXCF-W 250 Champions Edition2502010AMERICA

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