PR5 250 Enduro  vanaf € 6.199,00
PR5 250 Supermoto vanaf € 6.329,00
PR5 250 Extreme vanaf € 7.699,00

Prices include VAT and BPM

AJP PR5 the ultimate bike from AJP, it represents cumulated experience along several years in Enduro leisure market, where AJP motorcycles were a reference.

AJP PR5 pretends to be also new Enduro leisure reference and for that shows a strengthened double aluminum beam but at same time light, which allow a fast and agile riding.

250cc engine fueled by an Electronic Management System is at same time extremely strong at low and medium revolutions, which is perfect for Enduro riding and economic.

AJP Motors are designed for all poeple of all ages without asking their bodies to act like professional athletes. They suit in your everyday activities but also can give any rider a race-like and offroad experience if so desired”