PR4 125 Enduro  vanaf € 3.799,00
PR4 125 Enduro pro vanaf € 4.249,00
PR4 125 Supermoto  vanaf € 3.899,00
PR4 125 Supermoto pro vanaf € 4.409,00

PR4 240 Enduro vanaf € 4.429,00
PR4 240 Enduro pro vanaf € 4.899,00
PR4 240 Supermoto vanaf € 5.049,00
PR4 240 Supermoto pro vanaf € 5.109,00
PR4 240 Extreme vanaf € 5.939,00

Prices include VAT and BPM

The AJP PR4 takes beyond the concept from previous model which was considered a reference in Enduro Leisure by the specialized press.

Fundamental features for Enduro practice were improved, thanks to the new double spar frame, which has reduced frame weight, improving drivability and at same time keeping high levels of stiffness.

New AJP PR4 performances were approved in several races that took place in France, where some prototypes have participated on Enduro races and have beaten the competition.