ALTA Elektrische motorfietsen.

Alta Motors designs and manufactures the most advanced electric motorcycles in the world. What started as a “what-if?” between friends in 2010 has matured into a full scale Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). We endeavor to not only advance the field of motorcycle technology, but to also apply our technology and advanced engineering across transportation markets. In pursuit of this goal we have recruited an agile team of experts, developed innovative electric vehicle technology, and created a world class manufacturing operation headquartered in Brisbane, California. This is where we’re building The Future of Fast

Alta’s design approach begins and ends with understanding what our customers want, need and value. Unlike a classic waterfall development program with handoffs from design to engineering to manufacturing, Alta takes a highly parallel and iterative approach, with design and engineering working hand in hand. Based on the intersection of product requirements, manufacturability, and bleeding edge of technology, our team puts pen to paper, beginning with sketches, volume studies and then 3D surface modeling.

This process facilitates Alta’s signature system-level optimization and the creation of highly integrated components that dramatically reduce part count and weight, like the Redshift’s rear bulkhead. Parts are iterated through through finite-element analysis (FEA), design-for-manufacture (DFM), and then back through design to ensure that the customer requirements are not lost in the process. We then create rapid prototypes using Alta’s in-house CNC machine shop and 3D printers to bring the piece into the physical world so we can run every component through an array of lab and field tests before it’s released.